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Security information

Managing your account online is the easiest way to check the value of your Artemis investment portfolio and maintain your account details

Making sure customer's details are securely protected is one of our highest priorities. Our website's security procedures have been developed with this in mind. Please be assured that all information passes between users and ArtemisOnline using stringent industry-standard encryption technology.

Your PIN and internet ID

You need a PIN and Internet ID to enter the site. When you first register to use the Online services facility, you are given an Internet ID and at the same time, we will send you a one-time PIN in the post.

When you first login, you will be asked to change your one-time PIN to a password of your own choosing. You will not be asked to change it again unless you have your security settings reset.

  • No member of staff will ask you for your password or security ID.
  • You should not reveal your password or security ID to anyone else.
  • Passwords and IDs should not be written down.
  • If you suspect or know of anyone who knows your password you should reset it by selecting 'forgotten your PIN' and following the instructions on-screen.

Rules for your password

The password needs to satisfy the following rules, which contributes towards ensuring necessary levels of security required are met.


  • Should not have been used previously.
  • Must be alphanumeric (eg. A-Z and 0-9).
  • Must contain four distinct characters.
  • Must not have the same three characters in a row.
  • Must have at least one letter and one digit.
  • Must have a length between six and 13 characters.

We recommend that you upgrade your browsers to have a cipher strength of 128 bit SSL when viewing ours, or other secure sites. Please email for further information about this if you are having problems.


  • Please be aware that your session will time out if no activity is detected
  • Never leave your PC unattended when logged in to a secure session
  • Always follow click Logout at the end of you session instead of simply shutting down the browser.