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Artemis VCT plc

All data as at 31 May 2016 except where specified
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The fund’s aims

The company’s objective is to achieve long-term capital and income growth and to generate tax free capital and income distributions.

Investment policy

The company's policy is to invest in a diversified portfolio of growth orientated companies across a broad range of industries, with a particular emphasis on companies whose shares are traded on AiM. Investments will also be in companies whose shares are traded on ISDX markets and unquoted companies. The company's portfolio is managed in order to meet the requirements of section 274 of the Income Tax Act 2007 that, inter alia, require at least 70% of the investments to be qualifying holdings, of which 30% must be in eligible shares. Subject to maintaining a prudent margin of safety over the 70% level, the company's remaining assets may be invested in cash or money market deposits, fixed interest securities, unit trusts or UK listed securities without regard to the market capitalisation of such companies.

Ordinary shares

Share price (ordinary)67.00p
Net asset value72.45p
(Discount)/Premium on diluted NAV(7.5)%

Important security alert

Artemis has been made aware of some shareholders receiving telephone calls from individuals claiming to be brokers who wish to purchase VCT shares at a significant premium in exchange for a bond. So far as Artemis is aware, this offer is not genuine.
Should you receive any calls similar to this, please let us know by calling our Client Services Team on 0800 092 2051.
You may also wish to notify the Financial Conduct Authority or the Metropolitan Police.
For more information on share fraud and boiler room scams please see the following from the FCA.'Important security alert

Fund manager’s update

Confidence in the turnaround at Dods, the political publishing and media group, built during May with the announcement of its results to the end of March. After the restructuring by the new management, adjusted ebitda (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) grew from £1.2m to £3m. Now, with a solid base and £9.1m cash in the bank, the company may consider acquisitions to drive growth.

... Gear4music continues to show strong organic growth. Sales increased by 46% in the last financial year …

Acquisitions have been bedding down well at Judges Scientific but the company has cautioned that underlying trading remains tough. New orders remain subdued and although profit expectations have not been downgraded there is clearly more risk attached. As one might expect, the shares fell 16% on the day - leaving them down 22% in the month.

Meanwhile Gear4music continues to show strong organic growth. Sales increased by 46% in the last financial year - and actually accelerated further towards the end, albeit in quieter trading months. Strong ratings on Trustpilot (9.5 out of 10) show customers are very satisfied, encouraging repeat business as well as enhancing the brand. We look forward to reporting on Gear4music’s continued progress in future reports.

Finally Clearstar reported a slight delay to the expected increase in revenues from its Medical Information Services division. This disappointment was softened by the news it had begun discussing a potential takeover with a number of interested parties. We await more news in the coming months.

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Risk warnings

Please ensure that you understand whether this fund is suitable for you. We recommend that you get independent financial advice before making any investment decisions.

This information does not constitute an offer, invitation or solicitation to deal in the securities of this fund.

The value of any investment, and any income from it, can rise and fall with movements in stockmarkets, currencies and interest rates. These can move irrationally and can be affected unpredictably by diverse factors, including political and economic events. This could mean that you won’t get back the amount you originally invested.

The fund’s past performance should not be considered a guide to future returns.

The fund may have a concentrated portfolio of investments. This can be more risky than spreading investments over a larger number of companies.

The fund may invest in the shares of small and medium-sized companies. Shares in smaller companies carry more risk than larger, more established companies because they are often more volatile and, under some circumstances, harder to sell. In addition, information for reliably determining the value of smaller companies – and the risks that owning them entails – can be harder to come by.

Investing in a venture capital trust (VCT) carries a higher risk than many other forms of investment. Potential investors are therefore strongly advised to seek professional advice. In particular, shares in a VCT may be difficult to sell. Tax policy towards VCTs may change and any tax relief may depend on an individual's circumstances.

Any research and analysis in this communication has been obtained by Artemis for its own use. Although this communication is based on sources of information that Artemis believes to be reliable, no guarantee is given as to its accuracy or completeness.

Any forward-looking statements are based on Artemis’ current expectations and projections and are subject to change without notice.

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