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Artemis Monthly Distribution Fund

All data as at 31 January 2017 except where specified
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The fund’s aims

The fund aims to achieve an income in addition to capital growth through an actively managed combination of global equities, bonds and cash.

Current prices and yield
(class R)

As at noon, 24 February 2017
Bid price (acc units)86.97p
Bid price (dist units)71.94p
Offer price (acc units)92.12p
Offer price (dist units)76.21p
Historic yield (acc units)3.73%
Historic yield (dist units)3.82%

Investment information
(class R)

Minimum lump sum investment£10,000
Ongoing charge (acc units)1.64%
Ongoing charge (dist units)1.64%

The initial charge is currently waived. The ongoing charge includes the annual management charge of 1.5% and is shown as at the date of the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), where a full explanation of the fund's charges can be found.

Fund managers’ update

Markets focused on two main issues in January: Donald Trump and inflation. The new president’s major announcements - more protectionist policy and less immigration - are both inflationary, particularly when applied to an economy that is growing reasonably well.

Returns also benefited when our holding in bonds issued by Mellon Bank was called.

Government bonds are reacting poorly to this changed environment. The worst performance in January came from Europe. Fears that the European Central Bank may be looking to taper its quantitative easing (QE) programme - after much stronger inflation numbers emerged from Germany - caused European government bonds to come under pressure.

Our policy last year was to shift our equity holdings away from ‘bond proxies’ (safe-but-dull companies with predictable earnings) towards value and growth stocks. This was very beneficial in January as markets adjusted to the prospect of higher inflation. Returns also benefited when our holding in bonds issued by Mellon Bank was called. This was three months after their initial call date: better late than never.

Economic data help determine our outlook: we remain concerned that inflation will increase. However, there is little doubt that political worries could lead to periods in which government bonds rally. In the short-term, there is a series of European elections, including the prospect of Marine Le Pen becoming the French president. Although we consider this to be an unlikely outcome, there is still a long way to go.

We favour bonds from banks and insurance companies. These should benefit the most from rising interest rates. Further, the worst of the fines imposed on the banks now seem to be behind us.

16 September 2016

James Foster: Issues of antithesis …

Maintaining the optimum yield from the Artemis Monthly Distribution Fund remains the managers’ priority, says James Foster.

Value of £1,000 invested at launch to 31 January 2017

Value of £1,000 invested at launch to 31 January 2017

Data from 21 May 2012. Source Lipper Limited, distribution units, bid to bid in sterling to 31 January 2017. All figures show total returns with dividends reinvested.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation

Source: Artemis as at 31 January 2017. Please note figures may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Percentage growth (class R)

12 months to 31 December17.1%7.1%8.3%17.1%n/a
12 months to 31 January22.3%0.6%12.7%11.6%n/a
Please remember that past performance is not a guide to the future. Source: Lipper Limited, distribution units, bid to bid in sterling. All figures show total returns with dividends reinvested. As the fund was launched on 21 May 2012, complete five year performance data is not yet available.

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James Foster: Issues of antithesis …

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Artemis Global Select Fund

An introduction to the Artemis Monthly Distribution Fund



Actively managed

Proven performer

A focus on income

Option for retirement

Fund Managers James and Jacob

General Performance Illustration


 MDF Globe

Actively managed by two experienced specialists; James Foster of the Artemis Strategic Bond Fund, and Jacob de Tusch-Lec of the Artemis Global Income Fund.

 Since launch in May 2012, it is the top performing fund in the IA Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares sector, returning 86.9% compared to a sector average of 39.0%*.

The managers are aware that yields may change and so are prudent in their search for income, balancing risk and reward.

The fund provides global diversification with exposure to equities and bonds. It may be suitable to provide income in retirement.

Investment insights

1 Nov 2016
In the press
RSMR: Why we rate the Artemis Monthly Distribution Fund
7 Feb 2017
Artemis Monthly Distribution Fund: Focusing on fundamentals…
Politics will remain to the fore in 2017. However, James Foster and Jacob de Tusch-Lec, co-managers of the fund, discuss how they will continue to concentrate on economic fundamentals.
17 Nov 2016
… risks & potential solutions
We explain the risks that individuals should consider – and, importantly, the strategies that could help mitigate those risks.



The Adviser Centre Recommended Rating Dynamic Planner 5

Citywire plus - Jacob de Tusch-Lec
Jacob de Tusch-Lec

Morning Star Bronze

FE Crown 5 

Citywire ratings: source and copyright Citywire, Jacob de Tusch-Lec is rated by Citywire for his risk adjusted performance for the 3 years to 31 January 2017. Third party endorsements are not a recommendation to buy.


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*Data from 21 May 2012. Source: Lipper Limited, class I distribution units, bid to bid in sterling to 31 January 2017. All figures show total returns with dividends reinvested. Sector is IA Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares NR, universe of funds is those reporting net of UK taxes.**Source: Artemis. Yield quoted is the historic class I distribution yield as at 31 January 2017.

Risk warnings

THIS INFORMATION IS FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVISERS ONLY and should not be relied upon by retail investors.
The fund's annual management charge is taken from capital.
The fund may use derivatives to meet its investment objective, to protect the value of the fund, to reduce costs and with the aim of profiting from falling prices.
The fund may invest in emerging markets.
The fund may invest in fixed interest securities.
The fund may invest in higher yielding bonds.
The fund holds bonds which could prove difficult to sell. As a result, the fund may have to lower the selling price, sell other investments or forego more appealing investment opportunities.
The additional expenses of the fund are currently capped at 0.14%. This has the effect of capping the ongoing charge for the class I units issued by the fund at 0.89% and for class R units at 1.64%. Artemis reserves the right to remove the cap without notice.
Any research and analysis in this communication has been obtained by Artemis for its own use. Although this communication is based on sources of information that Artemis believes to be reliable, no guarantee is given as to its accuracy or completeness.
Any forward-looking statements are based on Artemis’ current expectations and projections and are subject to change without notice.
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