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Artemis Capital Fund

All data as at 28 February 2017 except where specified
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The fund’s aims

The fund aims to provide investors with a balanced spread of investments for long-term capital appreciation by seeking well-managed companies, primarily in the UK, where we believe there is superior potential for earnings growth.

Current prices and yield
(class R)

As at noon, 22 March 2017
Bid price (acc units)1452.22p
Offer price (acc units)1533.53p
Historic yield (acc units)1.45%

Investment information
(class R)

Minimum lump sum investment£1,000
Ongoing charge (acc units)1.67%

The initial charge is currently waived. The ongoing charge includes the annual management charge of 1.5% and is shown as at the date of the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), where a full explanation of the fund's charges can be found.

Fund manager’s update

From a low of $50 per tonne in the middle of 2016, the price of iron ore climbed to $80 by the end of last year, to $83 by the end of January and to $90 by the end of February. This is the biggest source of profits for Rio Tinto, Anglo American and BHP Billiton - so it has been a helpful dynamic and their shares have performed well over the last six months. Nevertheless, reflecting a mini rotation into ‘safe’ assets, the mining sector weakened during February. But because the economic backdrop does not seem to have deteriorated we continue to be overweight here. The rising price of iron ore probably reflects a strong world economy: 2016 was a good year globally - particularly away from the developed countries - and this is typically associated with rising commodity prices. The fact that other commodities such as copper, lead, lumber, cobalt and foodstuffs have also been firm suggests this trend should not be ignored. We like the materials sector because it is good value, profit forecasts are being upgraded yet it remains under-owned by fund managers.

The fact that other commodities such as copper, lead, lumber, cobalt and foodstuffs have also been firm suggests this trend should not be ignored.

With the results season upon us, we took the opportunity of reviewing the positioning of the portfolio. In general, our stocks saw more upgrades to profit forecasts than the wider market. This suggests we are in a good place: housebuilders, resource stocks and some of the banks delivered good results and saw subsequent upgrades to forecasts. We are happy to remain holders. Where there were disappointments we cut our positions and rotated into more attractive areas. To be more specific, we sold HSBC, Wizz Air, BNP and BP and invested the proceeds in Lloyds Bank, GlaxoSmithKline, FirstGroup and Tate & Lyle.

21 December 2016

Update on Artemis Capital Fund


Value of £1,000 invested at launch to 28 February 2017

Value of £1,000 invested at launch to 28 February 2017

Data from 9 September 2002, when Artemis took over management of the fund. Source Lipper Limited, accumulation units, bid to bid in sterling to 28 February 2017. All figures show total returns with dividends reinvested.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation

Source: Artemis as at 28 February 2017. Please note figures may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Percentage growth (class R)

12 months to 31 December8.1%11.0%-0.6%34.8%20.0%
12 months to 28 February18.9%-3.4%-0.4%28.8%26.4%
Please remember that past performance is not a guide to the future. Source: Lipper Limited, accumulation units, bid to bid in sterling. All figures show total returns with dividends reinvested.

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Update on Artemis Capital Fund

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About the fund

The Artemis Capital Fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing in attractively valued companies, mainly in the UK. It draws on SmartGARP®, Artemis’ proprietary stock-screening tool that identifies potential winners and promotes timely and objective decision making.

  • Rigorous stock screening: SmartGARP combats ‘information overload’ by focusing the fund manager’s attention on the stocks with the most attractive financial characteristics.
  • UK-focused: the fund invests predominately in larger companies, many of which are members of the FTSE 100 index. But it also has some exposure to smaller and medium-sized companies along with the flexibility to invest up to 20% overseas.
  • Objective clarity: SmartGARP provides an objective framework for comparing the relative attractions of stocks. It also promotes timely – and frequently contrarian – decision-making.
  • Subjective insight: before investing, the managers carry out due diligence to ensure that the investment story behind an attractive SmartGARP score is real.
  • Best ideas: in parallel with assessing potential new holdings, SmartGARP subjects the fund’s existing holdings to constant scrutiny.  By sending a clear signal when a holding’s financial characteristics are deteriorating, it ensures only the very best ideas remain in the fund, leading to a concentrated portfolio of around 70 to 80 stocks.

Introducing the fund

Philip Wolstencroft introduces the Artemis Capital Fund and outlines his investment approach.

Reasons to consider

The Artemis Capital Fund may be suitable for investors seeking:

  • long-term capital growth
  • exposure to the growth potential of  UK-listed companies
  • an objective, systematic approach to investment
  • an experienced fund manager with a proven performance record

The fund’s current SRRI rating is 5.

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