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Our investment approach

Our sole objective as investors is to outperform the market and produce long-term returns for the people whose money we manage.

We do so while keeping an eye on absolute, as well as relative, returns - although we are well aware that in periods of crisis, it is not always possible for our funds to avoid losing value. When this happens, we, and our investors, need to be patient. It seldom makes sense to reduce market exposures after share prices have fallen. Equally, when markets are rising, we believe that there are always opportunities for active stock-pickers to outperform.

We have a history of recruiting and training fund managers with proven skills – and we have an excellent record of retaining fund managers. Our managers have the freedom to invest without the constraints of a single house style or process.

Yet Artemis’ policy of co-investment, and our structure as a partnership, give our managers every reason to share their views with each other. They are open, communicative and always keen to debate investment ideas.

We try to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, allowing our managers to concentrate on what they do best – selecting the right stocks or bonds for our clients. Our investment teams have a collegiate approach. Drawing on each other's experience and knowledge, sharing ideas and insights between teams, specialist units operate with support from the wider business towards a common goal.